Guide 2 Paintball

Your guide to paintball

Look at the state of the world today. With conflicts raging in so many different countries around the world, it’s often hard for people to understand the reasoning behind “war games.” However, many understand that participating in a fantasy game like paintball, can be a good stress reliever and a great way to get out and be active with friends. The game of paintball is just a game after all, plus it’s can be an excellent team-oriented activity, and source of enjoyment for many people throughout the world.

Unfortunately, war is a part of life - it has been since the start of mankind. However many little boys and girls growing up around the world, become fascinated with the idea of becoming soldiers, and like to act out their fantasies. When most of these children grow older, their desire to carry actual guns disappears, but they’re still attracted to the non-stop action and of war movies. So what better way to combine the maneuvers, strategies and survival tactics of real life armies than in a harmless game of paintball, where you shoot your opponents with small paint filled pellets?

In Guide 2 Paintball we’ll give you the history of the game.We’ll also fill you in on how the game is played, along with the different and most popular versions. We’ll give you a rundown on the equipment and gear you’ll need - such as the different types of paintball guns and pistols, paintball pellets, facemasks, barrels, and paintball clothing and camouflage. We’ll also introduce you to some of the leading paintball experts, and which brand names are the most popular with pro and amateur paintball players. We’ll even give you the good points and bad points of CO2 and Nitrogen tanks.

Our informative Guide 2 Paintball describes the different styles of paintball that you can play - such as arena paintball, field paintball, pro paintball, paintball tournaments, paintball parks, online paintball, and even slingshot paintball. We’ll even give you tips on how to play like a real sniper.

In our World of Paintball section we stress safety first! We fill you in on how to play the game safely, and we give you some of the most safely guarded tips on paintball strategy. Finally our paintball glossary puts you in touch with the lingo that will make you sound like a true pro – both in and out of the splatter zone!